No process without understanding

Further to our methodology, perhaps the most important element of our business is our dedication to customer service. We make sure we're there. Many might claim this to be their maxim too, but we really do deliver.

We've had clients with us for many years, some even dating back from before the company was established (from previous businesses of the founding directors). Clients don't show that degree of loyalty for nothing and it speaks volumes about the people who make up the TheStream.

Our dedication to customer service is also defined by our approach to the working process. We really are a consultancy. By that we mean we are approachable and not arrogant – we don’t feel the need to dictate or brow-beat. Experience has told us that dictating a solution to the client is both presumptive and creates 'distance'. We work with the client to walk through a process that 'discovers' the solution, which innovates, which is considered and so stands a far better chance of success. After all, a good solution is largely self-evident!

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